Release notes | 8 July 2024

Week 27 – 2024


Number Title Description
PI202400501 Error connecting member to project or event Invalid action in linking members is solved.
PI202400295 SMTP connector available for sub enviroment. SMTP connector is available to be activated in a sub enviroment.
PI202400484 Webform duplicates created A change has been made to the forms to protect them from duplicate creation of a form.
PI202100110 Choosing billability type Choosing billability type for time registration inĀ  an appointment/task is available
PI202100591 Delete templates Category Added option for administrator to be able to delete (email) template categories
PI202300298 Update an organization with Chamber of Commerce data If the advanced Chamber of Commerce module is actived, an existing organization can be updated with Chamber of Commerce data
PI202300368 Sortering Mijn Projecten – Mijn uren (urenwidget) Changed order of projects to alphabetically and the order of the milestone under projects will be alphabetically
PI202300384 Location on mouse over in Calendar is incorrect Location address on mouse over in Calendar changed
PI202300838 Number of records is not updated in column filter Number of records is updated when filtering in view columns.
PI202400270 Time registration cannot be enabled from the calendar widget Activating time registration is enabled from the calendar widget.
PI202400449 Pre-filled time registrations are not saved Pre-filled time registrations will trigger saving
PI202400485 Invoice reference is included in e-Invoice If a invoice has a reference the content is include in the OrderReference of the e-invoice.
PI202400509 Billable check mark does not appear Made an adjustment to the logic to determine when the billable check mark should appear