Release notes | 5 July 2024

Week 26 -2024

Number Title Description
PI202400492 Mailsend with SMTP validated domain Issue blocking sending thru SMTP server is solved.
PI202400475 SMTP relay sender address The sender address of the smtp relay is set to the sending user
PI202400474 Exact connector doesn’t update invoice phase Problem with update the phase of the invoice to payed is solved.
PI202400438 Error on opening campaignresults Solved error occuring when opening campaign result screen
PI202400435 Error in invoice sync with Twinfield Update in invoice sync logic has solved the error.
PI202400431 Added horizontal scrollbar for e-mails When an email has a horizontal content wider then the available dialog size an horizontal scroll bar is shown.
PI202400433 Connector Exact online – supplier sync Supplier sync is updated to resolve duplicate relations if an organization is debtor and creditor.
PI202400422 Plannign widget show whole day appointment on 2 days Rendering of planning interface update so appointment only shows on 1 day
PI202400420 Translations for connecters Added translations for settingpages of connectors
PI202400401 Error sync supplier Change data set for supplier so sync will work with Snelstart
PI202400399 Error when opening relation from a widgets When the CoC option is active an error did occur opening an entity from the widget, this issue is fixed.
PI202400346 Initial sync Tribe to Google calender 2 way The initial sync with the Google calender can be set in 2 directions. Before it was only from Google to Tribe CRM.
PI202400290 Notifications not shown in language of user Notifications are shown in the language of the recieving user.
PI202400214 Error when segmenting a widget When a widget uses segmentng an error occured, this error has be solved.
PI202400167 Reply to all doesn’t include all adresses When a reply to all is selected all addresses linked to an relation in Tribe will be added in the to field.
PI202400161 Optimize Google calendar invite proces The Google calendar sync is optimzed for invites send by college’s
PI202400152 Special characters in export In the personal setting options are avaiable to select the export codeing an seperator sign, this to be able to get the correct export of special characters.
PI202400070 Adding productlines on tablet Interface for productlines is optimized for tablet and mobile devices.
PI202400003 Relation details in selectbox When searching for a relation the relationship details are visible.
PI202300794 Added button in campaign layout editor Option to add a button in a campaign layout with an url link.
PI202100700 Template grouping Option to group templates added